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VLAN Segregation Query

Please find the attached diagram and configuration files

I want to have two more vlans named wifi and printers

how can I change the configuration to include two new vlans without changing the gateway address. I just want to make sure ip address remain same so as to avoid dns change. only mask change is ok

I have planned to divide the subnet like this

Vlan 603 Wifi Users                                       

Vlan 601 Printer

Vlan 602 Lan Users

usable range from 129 - .158

currently printers wired and wifi all are using the same 601 vlan but I want to seggregate into multiple vlans.

Please help in regards to config changes


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VLAN Segregation Query


New Member

VLAN Segregation Query

Cisco Employee

VLAN Segregation Query


What you request is not a correct usage of VLANs. Each VLAN is by definition a separate, standalone broadcast domain, and each broadcast domain is a separate IP network. By introducing new VLANs, you are introducing new IP networks, each of them having its own address space.

There is no sensible way of introducing new VLANs and yet having your clients use the same gateway IP address as before.

Best regards,


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VLAN Segregation Query

Thanks Peter

Ok if I use different gateways then how can I configure new VLAN in current scenario?

with the mentioned IP address scheme.

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