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VLANS in text configuration mode

Hopefully there is an easy answer to this. We have a switch that due to the number of blades and the configuration size, we had to change the configuration mode to text. No big deal. However, this switch also acts as a server in the vtp domain that is belongs to. According to documentation, "VLAN commands are not saved as part of the configuration file when the switch is operating in text mode with the VTP mode set to server." I have to be able to configure VLANS on this switch. How can I configure vlans on this switch and save it off? Are there a separate set of commands to use or are the VLANs configured but just don't show up in the configuration?


Re: VLANS in text configuration mode

Hi there,

Normally, the VLAN configuration is saved on the flash file called VLAN.DAT (Not in the NVRAM as the rest of configuration).

To configure the VLAN, this can be done either in the VLAN database mode or from the global configuration mode:

Switch # vlan database

Switch (vlan) #

Switch (vlan) # vlan x


Switch# conf t

Switch(config)# vlan


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Re: VLANS in text configuration mode

Will this work for a 6513 running CatOS?

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