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I am having 3750 series switch and with this switch 3 servers are connected and these servers are in different IP range. With this 3750 switch 3 ring networks are also connected these ring networks contains clients with are accessing servers. These clients are also in the same IP range as of their corresponding server IP range. All these server and clients are in VLAn1. now i have to separte these rings in different vlans.

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Re: Vlans

Hi Friend,

If you want to seperate them in different vlan then do you also want clients from different vlans accessing servers in different vlan or simply clients in one vlan should access servers in their vlan?

If you want clients in same vlan to access servers ins ame vlan then you do not need any inter vlan routing but if you want servers from different vlans should be accessible from clients in different vlan then you need inter vlan routing.

First create vlans at layer 2 on your switch


Perform the same commands for number of vlans which you want on your switch.

Once you have created these vlans at layer 2 check via "sh vlan" command. Once done you can create logical interface for those vlans for routing purpose.

Switch(config)#interface vlan

Switch(config-if)#ip address x.x.x.x x.x.x.x

Perform the same commands for all vlans you want routing to be enabled and once done assign your clients in respective vlans with gateway ip address what you configured for your logical interfaces.

Check this links to create vlans on 3750 switch

For inter vlan routing on 3750 switch have a look at this link



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Re: Vlans

I want all the servers to remain in vlan1 and ring1 members in vlan 2,ring 2 members in vlan 3.

Re: Vlans

Hi Ankur!

So here is where I am confused. After my switch is setup (3560) I add my VLANS

VLAN 100 Data

Vlan 200 Voice

Each port gets the correct configuration (mode access, etc)

But I can figure out how to enabling routing between the two VLANS. Is it the VLAN database or something else I need to enable? I can not get this to work.


Re: Vlans


U need to first create 3 vlans in ur 3750,then assign the 3 servers in different vlans as per u r requirement.

As far connecting the ring network assing then links connecting to this switch in differnet vlans.

Then u need to create SVI's on 3750 for the three vlans in order enable inter-vlan routing.



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