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voice qos config for switch uplinks

My network uses cisco IP phones (primarily model 7942) connecting to 2960 switches.  The VoIP servers are at a remote location, requiring voice QoS be preserved end-to-end.

On the access-level switches I have the following configured on each port to which a phone is attached:


 srr-queue bandwidth share 10 10 60 20
 priority-queue out
 mls qos trust device cisco-phone
 mls qos trust cos
 auto qos voip cisco-phone
 service-policy input AutoQoS-Police-CiscoPhone


On the router (router2) that hands off traffic to our upstream ISP I have the following config:


class-map match-any Voip
 match ip dscp ef
class-map match-any Bulk-Data
 match ip dscp af11  af12  af13
class-map match-any Network-Control
 match ip dscp cs6
 match ip dscp cs2
class-map match-any Critical-Data
 match ip dscp af21  af22  af23
class-map match-any Voip-Signaling
 match ip dscp cs3
 match ip dscp af31
class-map match-any Scavenger
 match ip dscp cs1
policy-map qos
 class Voip
  priority percent 50
 class Voip-Signaling
  bandwidth percent 5
 class Network-Control
  bandwidth percent 5
 class Critical-Data
  bandwidth percent 20
  random-detect dscp-based
 class Bulk-Data
  bandwidth percent 4
  random-detect dscp-based
 class Scavenger
  bandwidth percent 1
 class class-default
policy-map qos-20meg
 class class-default
  shape average 20000000
   service-policy qos

interface GigabitEthernet0/0
 description handoff to WAN
 service-policy output qos-20meg


However, these are not the only network devices the VoIP traffic needs to traverse at this end.  The connections look like this:

[phone] -> [access-switch] -> [core-switch] -> [router1] -> [core-switch] -> [router2] -> WAN

My question is, what config do I need to put in place on the uplink ports between the switches and between the local routers and switches to preserve the VoIP?

access-switch is a 2960

core-switch is a 3750X

router1 is a 2911

router2 is a 2921.



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