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VoIP QoS for 861 ISR

I have a Cisco 861 that is our gateway for 5 workstations and 5 VoIP phones. Our ISP provides a 5 Mbps up and down over DSL. For the most part, our VoIP phone calls are very stable and sound great but we notice significant quality degradation if we begin to increase our download activity. I'd like to implement a QoS strategy in order to ensure our VoIP calls have priority over other traffic. Unfortunately, the 861 does not offer DSCP and I'm not sure how to proceed. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!


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Re: VoIP QoS for 861 ISR

I Have the same trouble with Cisco 861 when i uses all bandwidth

with my VOIP application, do you fix this trouble on your network?


Felipe S.

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Re: VoIP QoS for 861 ISR

No but in hindsight, it was not the fault of the router or QoS. It seems

that we were just running into the natural limitations of our Internet

connection, which was unable to handle the traffic. I also realized that QoS

isn't support beyond my LAN since people could game this by flagging all of

their traffic with high QoS and gain an advantage over their peers.

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