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vPC and HP Procurve

Hi all,

I need to create a vPC between two Nexus 3048 and HP Procurve 3400. I've create the link aggregation HP-side and Nexus side like HP Procurve and Cisco switches Interoperability documentation, but seems that only one link work at all. The second one is flapping up and down.

Any advice?

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I can't help I'm afraid, but

I can't help I'm afraid, but I can add to the problem! I have 3Ks goin to HP procurve 5412. I have VPCs, one to each switch. It all came up fine the first time, but after a reload of 3K-B the 3Ks spanning tree blocked all 4 uplink ports, aka both portchannels.Configs were saved, no changes, just the reload. So this obviously triggered something in the behaviour of rstp between the two vendors. But why did it work at all in the first place!?

FYI, the 5K to HP procurve 8212 K.14.60 work fine and survived reloading a 5K.

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