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VRF Aware WCCP on 3750

I have an interesting challenge where I need to bring online a second firewall and second wan connection into our core.

The meeting point for both WAN connections is a 3750

OSPF area 0 is running between all devices

My issue is that traffic coming in from WAN 2 could now choose to take the path through FW1

I could change this by adjusting the cost but this would affect all traffic and I only want it to affect some.

My solution is to create a VRF on the 3750 and turn it into two switches thus making two separate paths for the traffic WAN1-FW1 and WAN2-FW2

My only problem is there is a Websense and traffic is WCCP'd from the 3750 to the Websense.

Can I get the traffic in the VRF to be forwarded to the Websense?

I am running 12.2(58) SE2 IPServices

Or can anyone think of a better way of doing this?

Ideally I need two switches but I don't have them.

I just need to create two defined routes for traffic coming from WAN1-FW1 and WAN2-FW2



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VRF Aware WCCP on 3750

If the Websense has 2 NICs, you can connect one NIC to the global routing table of the 3750 and the other one in a VRF on the same 3750.


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