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VRF selection based on source IP address


I am wondering if it is possible to use VRF selection based on source IP address on a 3750-24TS-E. The IOS version is c3750-ipservicesk9-mz.122-25.SEE4.bin. The switch allows me to put the commands in but I get the following:

SW3(config)#vrf selection source vrf cache

% VRF Select: failed to add config

Thanks in advance.



Re: VRF selection based on source IP address

The VRF Selection feature uses the process described in this section to route packets from the customer networks to the PE router and into the provider network.

A two-table lookup mechanism is used at the ingress interface of the PE router to determine the routing and forwarding of packets coming from the customer networks, which use IP protocols, to the MPLS VPN networks, which use MPLS protocols.

"The first table, the VRF Selection table, is used to compare the source IP address of the packet with a list of IP addresses in the table. Each IP address in the table is associated with an MPLS VPN. If a match is found between the source IP address of the packet and an IP address in the VRF Selection table, the packet is routed to the second table (the VRF table) or the routing table for the appropriate VPN.

If no match is found in the table for the source IP address of the packet, the packet is either routed via the global routing table used by the PE router (this is the default behavior), or is dropped.

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