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VRFs use on a 3560

I have a site served by two ADSL routers. I want to connect them to a 3560 switch in such a way that, under normal operations, the switch behaves as two switches (vrfs) and devices in one vrf communicate via one of the routers, while the users on the other vrf communicate via the other router. I could do that with VLANs, but there is more: I want to have a third (probably global) vrf which will allow me to manage the switch. I also want to be able to set up routing so that if (when!) one of the routers fails, the traffic which would normally go through that router, goes through the remaining "up" router.

I think if I set up a vrf for each user user group, and have them each connecting over a L3 interface to their respective routers, that will be OK. what I'm not so sure about is how to get the management interface (loopback I/F or VLAN SVI, I'm not bothered which) to work and I'm not sure about getting the routing to work between the vrfs when one router fails.

Any good ideas?

Jim Blake

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Re: VRFs use on a 3560

You can acheave your goals with VRF Route target import/export options.

See example:

Regarding management, you have out of band management port. Use it for management.


Timor Sherf

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