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VRRP MAC missing from address-table on 6509, static mac?


I need some assistance with an issue I am looking at. We have a pair of 6509 switches, each switch is connected together with a port channel. Attached to each switch via another port channel is a Nokia firewall. The 2 nokias are running VRRP. The nokia support multiple firewalls on different vlans. The VRRP address is the same on all vlans 0000.005e.01xx.

What I see on the 6509s is that the VRRP mac goes missing from the MAC address-table. I think we then flood out of all ports on the vlan looking for the mac.

I think I need to add static mac entries for this VRRP mac per vlan in the 6509, I know I can add multiple ports on the static mac so I would add the Po to firewall and the Po to the other switch, what i don't understand is how these interfaces are used, especially in a VRRP failover? Do we always send data to both ports and the inactive VRRP device just ignores?

Your assistance to my understanding is appreciated


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Re: VRRP MAC missing from address-table on 6509, static mac?

Hi Just checking the configs, I cannot add more than 1 interface to the mac address-table static command. I can add auto-learn, but I don't think this will help as this will rely on the switch learning the mac which I think is my issue. Switch IOS  version 12.2(33)SXH4


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