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VS-SUP2T-10G features running in hardware

Dear All

i wonder what are the features enabled to run in hardware on the VS-SUP2T-10G?

Specifically i'm curious about "ip accounting mac-ad" command under the SVI.

Will it charge CPU?

To be more precise i've following HW if it will help to narrow answer

Mod Ports Card Type Model Serial No.
--- ----- -------------------------------------- ------------------ -----------
1 20 DCEF2T 4 port 40GE / 16 port 10GE WS-X6904-40G SAL1638MYD5
2 24 CEF720 24 port 1000mb SFP WS-X6824-SFP SAL1643QZGW
5 5 Supervisor Engine 2T 10GE w/ CTS (Acti VS-SUP2T-10G SAL1642QKG9

Mod MAC addresses Hw Fw Sw Status
--- ---------------------------------- ------ ------------ ------------ -------
1 1cdf.0f9c.24a2 to 1cdf.0f9c.24b5 1.0 12.2(50r)SYL 15.0(1)SY2 Ok
2 fc99.4738.c9b0 to fc99.4738.c9c7 1.0 12.2(18r)S1 15.0(1)SY2 Ok
5 ccef.4838.54ec to ccef.4838.54f3 1.3 12.2(50r)SYS 15.0(1)SY2 Ok

Mod Sub-Module Model Serial Hw Status
---- --------------------------- ------------------ ----------- ------- -------
1 Distributed Forwarding Card WS-F6K-DFC4-E SAL1644R7PT 1.2 Ok
2 Distributed Forwarding Card WS-F6K-DFC4-A SAL1642Q78R 1.2 Ok
5 Policy Feature Card 4 VS-F6K-PFC4 SAL1643QWU5 1.2 Ok
5 CPU Daughterboard VS-F6K-MSFC5 SAL1641PQNY 1.4 Ok

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Re: VS-SUP2T-10G features running in hardware


The data sheet does not mention anything about the "ip accounting" command.  I suggest deploying it on a few interfaces and one vlan SVI and watch the CPU for a period of time to make sure it is not spiking before adding it to the rest of the interfaces and SVIs.


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Re: VS-SUP2T-10G features running in hardware

Thanks dude

Actually that's what I have configured. Unfortunately I have no history of cpu load to compare & have no right to unconfigure it immediately.  good chance to talk with cisco tac :) 

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Re: VS-SUP2T-10G features running in hardware

If you have a monitoring system e.g SolarWinds NPM, you can look at the CPU and memory history before and after.


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