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vsl link


Last week i had the chance to test two 6506 in vss mode.

I made the steps until i got one good virtual switch running.

My first test was to remove the VSL link to see how it goes...

the switches tell me that they were running simplex mode.

I plugged back the vsl link and nothing happened..

they never detected that the vsl link was plugged

i have reloaded both switches several times and never got

back my virtual switch.... always saying  vsl link down

if you can help me on this,


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Re: vsl link


You are in dual active mode.  Do you have 2 VSL links?

what is the output of "sh swi vir role"?

If you correctly configure VSS and unplug the 2 VSL links after connecting them back the primary switch supposed to reboot.



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Re: vsl link

right after i made the vss setup, i had one active and one standby

then i unplug vsl and when i reconnected the vsl link 5 minutes later

sh swi vir role showed only 1 active switch and nothing else... no standby

i never saw switch reboot

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Re: vsl link

If you have configured it correctly the primary should reboot right away after plugging the VLS back into the switch.  BTW, the reboot takes about 8 minutes.  I actually measured it

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Re: vsl link

i have made the basic setup for VSS

no dual active detection and no recovery setup.

any ideas ?

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Re: vsl link

Community Member

Re: vsl link

yes exact.

but i did'nt made the dual active odetection or recovery setup.

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Re: vsl link

Try configure them for VSS again.  It's also a good idea to double check your port channel configuration.

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