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vss dual active detection

hi all ,i've a Vss with one box up active and other powered off,if i start it, it tries to become active because of 10g Vsl pb, so the first box shut all his port, that would be a normal behavor if there were dual-active configured,but pagp detect is disabled and bfd too under virtual domain config,and fast hello link is unpluged, so my question is :

is there another way (undocumented)to detect dual active scenario, if active switch receive his mac add or ip adress will it shut his port as if dual active detect was running ?

is there a way to stop the boot process and force the box to be standby even if there is no active from his pt of view ?


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Re: vss dual active detection

Hello Alain,

>> i've a Vss with one box up active and other powered off,

I would suggest to ask for a maintanance window and to let the two boxes enough time to synchronize.

Then after both are up and the VSS is stable choice a dual active detection method and implement it.

I would use BFD on a dedicated 10GE link.

Another collegue has reported that without any dual active detection configured if you remove the 10GE link between the two both become active making the VSS vulnerable to a single link failure.

Hope to help


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