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VSS without LACP/Port-Channel to HP NIC Teaming Software

Hello Everyone,

Its me again, back with another cornerstone case from the real world.

I have a customer who wants to connect his servers into a 6509 VSS pair using HP's NIC teaming software. The thing is, he doesn't want to create LACP port-channels to the Servers under any circumstance. He has had bad experiences with this in the past (under someone else's guidance) and he's done with that conversation.... he won't even entertain it. Question is; is this possible with:

1) HP NIC Teaming in NIC Active/Active mode?

2) HP NIC Teaming in NIC Active/Failover mode?

Intuition would leave me to beleive that in Active/Active VSS would see this as a spanning-tree loop. However, Active/Failover with out LACP port-channel would be fine. I haven't found any documentation yet saying this configuration is ok, or will work, or is supported etc.

Any guidance would be fantastic.

Thanks Everyone.

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VSS without LACP/Port-Channel to HP NIC Teaming Software

Active/Active will definitely show the same MAC address on different ports w/o etherchannel configured in the switch.

If the customer does not want to configure etherchannel in the switch, the only option is Active/Failover.

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