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VTP Client Query

I was reading a document which says

"It might seem intuitive that a switch acting as a VTP server could come online with a higher configuration revision number and wreak havoc on the whole domain.

You should also be aware that this same thing can happen if a VTP client comes online with a higher

revision, too!

Even though it seems as if a client should strictly listen to advertisements from servers, a client

can and does send out its own advertisements. When it first powers up, a client sends a summary

advertisement from its own stored database. It realizes that it has a greater revision number if it

receives an inferior advertisement from a server. Therefore, it sends out a subset advertisement

with the greater revision number, which VTP servers will accept as more up-to-date information. "

Is this correct ??

Cisco Employee

Re: VTP Client Query

Hi Arshad,

Yes that is correct. A client connected to the network with same domain name and higher revision number can also override VTP server with its vln database information.

And that is the reason it is always recommended that when you connect a new switch to the existing network make sure its config revision number is set to zero.



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Re: VTP Client Query

Hi Arshad ,

It is correct...When we are connecting switch configured as VTP client,first make sure that it has lower configuration revision number than server which is in production.

Not only that incase if you are connecting new switch in lan , first check the configuration revison number and be sure that it has lower revision number than the server.

You can use the command "show vtp status" for checking the configuration revision number.



Re: VTP Client Query

Check out this cool flash object. Might help


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