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WAN Frame Relay

i have one 3925 Cisco Router with  Hwic 2T ..and one serial Cable v35

when i connect the serial to the modem .even if the modem, Hwic, serial Cables are Ok

the interface is always up down

when i do sh controller i find this output, and i think it should view DTE not SCC

Interface Serial0/1/1

Hardware is SCC

No serial cable attached

idb at 0x15C14D4, driver data structure at 0x127F24D0

wic_info 0x15C8540

WIC Serial Global Registers: (0xEC890000)


sti_errintr_en      (0004): 0x00000000  scc_ctrl_regs       (1004): 0x0020

mgmt_intr_status    (1010): 0x0010      netio_intr_status   (1012): 0x0000

mgmt_intr_enable    (1020): 0x00CA      netio_intr_enable   (1022): 0x0004

timer_0_7_enable    (1024): 0x0000      timer_16_19_enable  (1026): 0x0000

timer_0_1_program   (1030): 0x0000      timer_2_3_program   (1032): 0x0000

timer_4_5_program   (1034): 0x0000      timer_6_7_program   (1036): 0x0000

timer_16_program    (1040): 0x0000      timer_17_program    (1042): 0x0000

timer_18_program    (1044): 0x0000      timer_19_program    (1046): 0x0000

WIC Serial SCC Registers: (3)


ch_mode_cfg         (1130): 0x08019031  ch_flag_cfg         (1134): 0x007E

ch_flwctrl_cfg      (1138): 0x0000      ch_intr_enable      (113C): 0x0000

ch_cmd_stat         (113E): 0x0028

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Re: WAN Frame Relay


The output is quite clear that it does not think that a serial cable is connected. Either there is a problem with the cable, there is a problem with the card, the cable used is not compatible with the card, or the software version being used is not compatible with the card being used. We do not have enough information here to know which is the most likely. Perhaps if you post the outpout of show version and of show inventory we might be able to give somewhat better answers.



Cisco Employee

Re: WAN Frame Relay


The SCC in your show controllers serial output tells you about the hardware chip that works as the controller of your serial interface. That one should not be interesting for now. However, the next line says: No serial cable attached. For me, that is an indication that the interface actually does not detect any cable whatsoever.

I suggest verifying the obvious - whether the cable is indeed connected to the correct interface, whether it is okay (try changing the cable with a different piece of the same type if possible), whether it is attached properly, etc. In my opinion, this is an issue of cabling and physical connectivity.

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