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WAN, Routing and Switching: Packets droping in Router


I am going to install a new cisco 2821 Router in a educational institution.

I am 4 e1 ports installed and will get 8 mbps from service provider.When i am connecting to the remote site (Service Provider Network) then my e1 ports frequently gets up and down status of my e1 ports very frquently ( i seen the status through show ip int brief commands).Wireless media is also checked and there is no problem with the media. I have taken the same router to other network (my service provider) it was working perfect there. Now Service Provider is saying to provide proper earth/ ground to the router (Although i have already provided it). Please tell me what would be problem. and Also tell me how much earth/ ground (in ohms) should i provide to Router.

Is it possible that router ceate such problem if i dont provide proper earth?


Re: WAN, Routing and Switching: Packets droping in Router


Here are some possible solutions :-

1. the Earth/Neutral(ground) voltage should be less than 0.1volt

2. If its RF link, ask the provider to check the signal DB strength in ODU/IDU's.

3. Check the modem configuration properly.

4. Also check the connectors at modem end are properly punched.

I faced one incident where the link used to go down in the evening time. After somedays we figured out that it was due to signal interference from a device which was started in the evening at a Military base.

Re: WAN, Routing and Switching: Packets droping in Router


Also check the WAN interface details like CRC, input/output errors..

Ask your provider to perform BERT test.

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