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Warranty Question

This question is more for Cisco in general than a technical question but does anyone know if using an off brand compact flash card would void the warranty on a SUP module? We are about to do a major upgrade and I find it a little hard to swallow to pay over a grand for compact flash cards when a $14 CF card will do the same job.


Re: Warranty Question

Just as an FYI, the CF cards are of some special format (I don't remember what is special about it though) so a card from Wal-Mart probably won't work. Hopefully someone that remembers can chime in.

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Re: Warranty Question

You are correct, they are formatted different than an off the shelf version but you can pop them in a SUP and format them; then they are ready for use.

Re: Warranty Question

It's something other than the formatting, I vaguely remember it being something about the way it uses XOR or XAND. It's a more reliable card. There are a couple of 3rd party cards which have the same spec (we have a couple of Vikings).

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