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WCCP Overwhelming the TCAM


We had an issue last week where the redirects to and from our WAN Accelerator to our ME6524 switches overwhelmed the TCAM and sent the redirects to the CPU causing the CPU to spike to 100% and droping network packets.  After further investigation, we found that the WAN Accelerators were set to use the  default mask of 0x1741 which opened 64 WCCP buckets.  This seemed to cause the  consumption of too many resources on the TCAM when there are 64 WCCP buckets  opened coupled with number of entries in our redirect ACLs.  Seeing that we only  have one WAN accelerator at a location that is running WCCP to the ME6524  switches and having no need to load balance traffic, we have set the mask to 0x0  to open only one bucket for WCCP.  We have tested this changed and WCCP between  ME6524 switches and WAN accelerator seems to be functioning properly with the  TCAM ACL MASK counts showing 5 percent used.  Does anyone know if there are any other adverse  affects that could arise on the ME6524 switches if we set the WCCP mask to 0x0  on the WAN Accelerator?

Thank you.

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