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Weird 3750G Switch problem

I have a 3750G switch that is experiencing horrible speeds with ports gig 1 - 4

All other ports 5 - 24 are working good.

When connecting servers to these ports, I am getting horrible file tranfer speeds.

I connect to other ports and moving files at over 100 megabit.

Now I check the controller

#show controllers ethernet-controller gigabitEthernet 1/0/1

"1446725 Too old frames"

I get "Too old frames" on interfaces g1/0/1 - 4

All other Interfaces , it shows up as 0 Tool old frames.

I came to the conclusion that there might be a problem with these actual switch ports.

It states that "Too old frames" are "Packets discared on egress due to being aged out"

What can be causing this? Is this a hardware failure?

I checked:

Speed, duplex, changed network cable (cat 5 & 6)

Anyone have any ideas?

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Re: Weird 3750G Switch problem

I have a hunch that this is a hardware problem. I recall that Cisco Catalyst switches share a single PHY for every 4 or 8 consecutive switchports. In other words, a problem with one PHY or on any of its support circuitry, the problem can show up in more than one switchport, usually in groups of 4 or 8.

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Re: Weird 3750G Switch problem

I fear that you are correct.

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