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Weird ARP Issue

Hello all,

I'm completely stumped at this point.  I have a printer on our VLAN 134 that refuses to ARP when connected to one of our 4510E switches.  The switch port configuration is the same as any other port:


interface GigabitEthernet3/32
 switchport access vlan 134
 switchport mode access
 switchport nonegotiate
 spanning-tree portfast
 spanning-tree bpduguard enable

When I connect the printer to the data port and boot up, I check the mac address entry for the interface and all I see is the multicast table showing ffff.ffff.ffff.  No unicast Mac address.  I've swapped out cables at the printer and at the switch and get the same thing.  A wireshark on this port doesn't show any activity coming from this printer.  I've taken the printer and connected it to the 8-port 3560 switch at my desk and guess what???  It ARP'd and I was able to ping it.  I've even moved the printer to a different port on the 4510E.  What's even more strange is that when I connect my laptop to the same port where the printer is at, I can get an IP address via DHCP but when I put the printer back on the port nothing happens (DHCP or static).  I've also moved the printer to the data port next to the original port it was connected to and no ARP.  Another thing I've done was to add a static MAC entry to the switch and link it to the port it's connected to but I still couldn't ping the printer.  I'm not sure what's the problem but I'm at a lost on this one.  Any help would be appreciated!



HelloWhat is the interface


What is the interface status when you connect this printer to the gigabitethernet port of the 4510 and the fastEthernet of the 3560

sh int xxx status





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New Member

Hello Paul,The interface

Hello Paul,

The interface status of the port shows that it's connected and operating at 100/full with autonegotiation for both switches.  However, I have resolved this issue by replacing it with a printer of a different model and now all is fine.  It's definitely something funky with that printer.

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