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Weird Broadcast on uplink port

Hello everyone

I have noticed one weird thing on some of our switches. Lets say we have Switch A and Switch B and Switch C

Switch B and C are connected to Switch A.

I have configured storm control on uplink port on Switches B and C

I can see 1,2% broadcast on uplink ports of Switches B and C, but there is no broadcast % on these uplink ports on Switch A

How is this possible? If there is a broadcast on one end of an uplink port, it should be also on the other end, am I correct?

Moreover, I started removing VLANs from these uplink ports, removed all except my management VLAN but broadcast around 1,2-1,4% were still on the link.

I have checked all ports with storm control on Switches B and C - no broadcast %

I have also checked other switches connected to Switch A - no broadcast %

Can some explain to me, how can I narrow down this broadcast traffic?

Thank you

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