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Weird ping

Let's consider this situation:

- 6500 handling LAN <-> LAN traffic

- FSWM handling LAN <-> WAN traffic

FWSM has outside interface IP address (mask

There is a server with IP address (mask is same

There are another servers with IP adresses and (mask

There is a LAN client, (mask

The problem is, I cannot ping from, but can and

- there's proper configuration for 6500 to handle traffic from to

- server has no firewall and I am sure the server is properly configured for network communication

- there's correct MAC address in FWSM ARP cache

- I see log records in FWSM Logging window only when I am not able to ping

- I can ping from after dozens of pings

- there're not log records in FWSM Logging window when I am able to ping

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Re: Weird ping


did you reload the fwsm after configuration?

I have seen the fwsm route half subnets ( What?? Yes! ) which can happen as for instance a new l3 setup on the fwsm

Only after reloading the fwsm the whole subnet was routed correctly again. 

Hope it helps

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Re: Weird ping

This is not the case.

Reload didn't help.

Weird ping


can you ping the server from the firewall outside interface? Does that work?

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Weird ping

Yeah, it does.

Weird ping

Ok,. so from the outside interface there seems to be no problem.

Looks like the problem is between the client and the outside interface.

You say that you can ping from after dozens of other pings (that fail i presume)

- are there any issues with nat translations?

- a filtering rule that is overlooked?

- which firmware is on the fwsm / 6500

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