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What IOS for 2800 w/CME?

I'm looking at the software list here (Table 10: for a 2811 that I'm buying. What software IOS do I need so that CME is included? Or is that a separate package in the purchase?

Also, my requirements are a router that'll plug into an IP radio and provide VoIP and data connectivity. The 2811 seems to fit the bill here. I got burned on buying some 2600 series with "PoE" switching modules (fine print mentioned a completely separate power supply that was required), so I want to run this by some people. :)

1. CISCO2811-AC-IP - 2811 series router with a power supply for PoE phones

2. NM-16ESW-PWR - 16 port PoE 10/100 switching module

3. AIM-VPN/EPII-PLUS - Do I need this? The docs state that there's hardware encryption on the 2811 already. I will be doing IPSEC over the IP radio. Is the built-in encryption enough or should I get the AIM module?

4. IOS? Which one will give me CME, too?

So one FE will plug into the IP radio with an IPSEC tunnel running over it for the data. The users will plug laptops and phones into the 16-port switching module. Phone services will be provided by CME on the router. Am I missing anything?

---John Holmes...

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