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what is the meaning of 10GB Backbone


How can I get 10GB backbone on my Network if I have Cat6509 connected to 100 Servers and many Closet Switches (cat3750 and 3560) and 400 users connected to these closet switches.What is typicaly required to make the backbone 10GB.Also,How do measure the bandwidth of VLANS ?


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Re: what is the meaning of 10GB Backbone

A 10 gig backbone would be a 10 gig circuit or circuits that tie together your top tier components.

Assuming you only have the one 6509 and servers and access switches connect to it, it's acting as your (collapsed) backbone (and can provide even more that 10 gig, internally).

If your existing 3750 and 3560 switches are the "G" models, and you believe a single gig uplink is insufficent you can either channel up to 8 ports between the access switch and 6509, or for the 3750s, add a 3750-E to a 3750 stack and use a 10 gig uplink (this will require a 10 gig port card on the 6509).

Assuming the servers connect to the 6509 using gig links, you can maximize the bandwidth within the chassis by using a sup720 and using cef720 line cards (e.g. 6748). You might also want to use a DFC on the line cards.

Since a VLAN can span devices, and since you didn't describe your topology, there might be little benefit measuring VLAN bandwidth. Instead, you might want to measure bandwidth for all your ports. For the access switches, you might be most interested in load placed on uplinks (to determine whether channelling or 10 gig would be of benefit) and on server ports. (Certain 6500 line cards share bandwidth, I believe, across multiple ports, so you might optimize actual server bandwidth by what servers connect to what ports and/or line cards.)

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