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What's a Dagobah?

I have a customer who want his Dagobah and Swamp Revision revisions to match. The cat 4000s have the same ROM version, but different revisions. I don't know what to tell him what the Dagobah Revision and Swamp Revisions mean.


Re: What's a Dagobah?

That Dagobah system is where Yoda lived until he met with an untimely death somewhere in the middle of Episode V. *sniff*

Tell your customer to use the force.

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Re: What's a Dagobah?

thanks, you're helpful.

Re: What's a Dagobah?


I'd ask why he wants them to match - sounds totally spurious to me. Anyway, it can't be done because this platform doesn't allow the FPD's to be upgraded so he's stuck with it.

And in case you're wondering, Cisco don't publish any info about exactly what function these FPGA's do - only their hardware engineers know, but you can bet they do something *different* so will never have the same revision anyway. Bit like asking why the latest versions of windows and linux don't have the same version number...

If you really want more detail, look here:

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Re: What's a Dagobah?

I'm just torn at the response to this question.......Yoda died in the middle of Episode VI: Return of the Jedi.

Pretty epic response though IMO

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