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What's the Diff Router 2611 and 2621?

Hi All,

Can anyone please educate me on these two router mentioned?. I mean for someone plaining to go all the to CCNP and IE thereafter. Which is the most valueable considering all the protocols that might be needed to run on them in the near future.

Thanking you all for your supports.

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Re: What's the Diff Router 2611 and 2621?

The only difference that I can think of is the processing speed, and interface capacity.

Also, regarding the protocols and features, it depends upon the IOS image rather than the hardware.

Eg: Security Plus IOS will have features like IPSEC whereas Service Provider IOS will have features related to ISP's.

So, for CCIE practice its good to with full image. You might be able to google some sites which sell CCIE packages and see which one suits you.

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Re: What's the Diff Router 2611 and 2621?

AFAIK, the only difference is that the 2611 has 10 Mbps interfaces whereas the 2621 has 100 Mbps. For lab work, that will make very little difference. The only inconvenient factor is that you might have to modify and config scripts that were made for 2621, changing "FastEthernet" to "Ethernet".

Kevin Dorrell


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