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What's wrong? Verify and compare Cisco 2901 config after loading old config from Cisco 2801

Hi Cisco Community / Friends,


I am new to this site though I have cisco account for many years. I am a CCNA ,I  passed my certification on January 2013 I seldom use and utilized my skills on networking becuase of my type of work. I am Project Eng'r working in a System integrator company . Anyway, I would like to ask assistance on the configurations of my Cisco router for this gov't projects.. Here's the situation.

We have a new project for the VSAT Comm'n of  Coast Watch Station ,  The VSAT was installed 7 years ago. The VSAT was only used for a year by this Gov't agency because of  subscription issue. Now, they wants to revive and use their VSAT facilities for the Coast watch monitoring. Now, some of this routers are working up to now and for some site  are already defective so I need to replace the old 2801 router with a new equivalent model which is Cisco 2901. My plan was just to load the old config into the new Cisco 2901 router. However, after loading it to the new router, I am a little worried because I've got some errors received. I load the old config by copying the old files, edit it in notepad, and load the config using Secure CRT (terminal emulator). When I copy the old config of cisco 2801 to new router cisco 2901 , below are the command not recognized on Cisco 2901. What's wrong ? What are these commands for? 


Appreciate your comments and help on this matter.. Thank You very much


Note: I Attached the original config from Cisco 2801 and the other file is the config after I load the config file to Cisco 2901.

(Errors see below)

CWS_4_Pandami(config-erm)#mmi polling-interval 60


% Invalid input detected at '^' marker.


CWS_4_Pandami(config-erm)#no mmi auto-configure


% Invalid input detected at '^' marker.


CWS_4_Pandami(config-erm)#no mmi pvc


% Invalid input detected at '^' marker.


CWS_4_Pandami(config-erm)#mmi snmp-timeout 180


% Invalid input detected at '^' marker.


CWS_4_Pandami(config-if)#interface GigabitEthernet0/1

CWS_4_Pandami(config-if)# description ===CWS4 SAT Modem===

CWS_4_Pandami(config-if)# bandwidth 256

CWS_4_Pandami(config-if)# ip address

CWS_4_Pandami(config-if)# duplex auto

CWS_4_Pandami(config-if)# speed auto

CWS_4_Pandami(config-if)# priority-group 1


% Invalid input detected at '^' marker.





CWS_4_Pandami(config)#access-list 100 permit ip any any dscp cs5

CWS_4_Pandami(config)#priority-list 1 protocol ip high list 100


% Invalid input detected at '^' marker.


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HiFrom Cisco's website:The


From Cisco's website:
The Modem Management Interface (MMI) is software that enables auto-provisioning for the Cisco 827 routers. The MMI uses a fixed PVC to communicate with the Proxy Element (PE) residing on the digital subscriber line access multiplexer (DSLAM). Using MMI, the Cisco 827 router updates the running image and downloads the prescribed configuration using a configuration file or configuration values in a provisioning information database.

The customer premise equipment (CPE) can be automatically configured using the Cisco DSL CPE download, but it can be configured only with the image provisioning feature.

So because this is your device, you don't want to use MMI anyways.

And "priority-list" is QoS. Probably that QoS-command is old and removed, because now QoS is configured using class-maps and policy-maps.

Hi Henrik, Thanks for the

Hi Henrik,


Thanks for the inputs..So this errors I get are maybe due to IOS issues since Im using the latest version. You mentioned the priority-list is the QoS command, so do i really need to configure the class maps and policy maps for my new router to work? My main goal is to retain or copy the original configuration from the old router and copy exact configuration to the new Cisco 2901 router.


Thank You.



Old commands gets phased out

Old commands gets phased out and new commands are added, that's just the way it is.

I saw now that you have started configuring QoS with a class-map and policy-map, but you never applied this configuration by using the service-policy-command on an interface. If you apply the service-policy and maybe higher the bandwidth that you are giving for QoS (it's now only 15Kbps) you should be good to go.

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