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When will Cisco implement LLDP-MED in the 3750?

I can't find any reference to this on CCO except the statement that LLDP will be on some devices in 2007.

This is extremely important to us as we're needing to buy many dozens of access layer switches and will be wanting to have IP phones and PC plugged into the same port and have a voice and data vlan.

We don't use Cisco's IP phones so don't have the option of CDP to configure the voice vlan on the phone. We're using Avaya IP phones and they work with LLDP.

Non-cisco switch vendors are hammering us to buy their switches that do do LLDP and QOS and since the access layer is basically a commodity device I don't have a problem not using Cisco switches.

But if Cisco would QUICKLY add LLDP-MED to their switch code I wouldn't have to go through all this research.

Any ideas?

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Re: When will Cisco implement LLDP-MED in the 3750?

LLDP-MED in 3750 will be supported sometime in May/ June time frame.

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