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Where to apply PBR?


We have the following scenario...

Subnet 1 ->     Router1 ->     Router 2 ->     Router 3 ->       ISP Link 1

Subnet 2 ->                                                                           ISP Link 2

Subnet 2 and ISP Link 2 are both new additions currently not being used.

What I need to do is ensure that Subnet 2 only uses ISP Link 2. I was thinking PBR on the gateway would be the option to use for this. The question is where do I put the PBR policy, do I place it on Router 1 at the source, or Router 3?



Where to apply PBR?

PBR would be placed on Router2 inside interface as this router is going to make the routing decision to send the traffic either to ISP1 or ISP2.

so match Subnet2 in the ACL and call in under a route-map, setting ISP2 ip as the next-hop. Configure this route-map on the inside interface on Router 3 using the command "ip policy route-map "

Do make sure the following is in place on Router3:

- NAT is configured for both Subnet1 & subnet2

- NAT is configured based on the exit interface

- Default route is already there pointing towards ISP1

Hope it helps


New Member

Where to apply PBR?


I am not sure if I understand the response...

Router 1 has subnets 1 and 2 connected and Router 3 has ISP's 1 and 2 connected.

Why would I place PBR on Router 2? Also I do not think I understand as you mention placing PBR  on Router 2 but configuring it on Router 3?

Where to apply PBR?

oops bad...PBR would be configured on Router 3  .... NOT on Router 2

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