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Which Router

A quick question

We want 1gig+ growth upwards in routing throughput with full BGP tables from multiple upstreams.

I have been looking at 76XX with dual 720 sups and also the 12XXX series.

the 76xx would run SSO/NSF and the 12XXX would also have dual controllers ( or the equivalent ).

From an initial perspective I see the 76xx as a cheaper option as both have capability for 10ge interfaces.

I am interested in opinions regarding in-service upgrades and other features that set apart the 12XXX series.

i.e Why would I buy a 12XXX over a 76XX S series?



Re: Which Router

Take a look at the interface cards and what each of them have to offer. They do seem very similar. I haven't had an opportunity to work with the 12000 series, so take my input with a grain of salt. When I've chatted with Cisco engineers, the feeling I've gotten is that the 12000 series routers are developed for carrier class networks with lots of large WAN connections.

7600 interface cards:

12000 interface cards:

Unless you're a telco or a large ISP, I would think the features available with the 76xx series would better suite you. I think for this type of situation and the features you are looking for, I suggest contacting your local Cisco account team.


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Re: Which Router


thanks for your response

we are an ISP and thats why I mentioned the non interface related features, like ISSU etc for carrier grade availability.

I will check out those links you sent.

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