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Why is traffic hitting Nexus 7000 Supervisor?

Got a pair of 7010's with Sup1's running 6.1(4a). We're seeing a bunch traffic hit the supervisor (happens to be vpc peer-link). I did a wireshark capture of this traffic using the ethanalyzer command and its mainly normal TCP type traffic that's just passing through. Storage replication, server-to-server traffic, etc. Nothing you'd expect to see hitting the sup. Our log is clean, no bouncing routing protocols or anything like that. I've got CoPP turned off right now so the Nexus doesn't drop traffic, doesn't address the root problem though. Anyone seen something like this before?

# sh system internal pktmgr interface port-channel1

port-channel1, ordinal: 44

  SUP-traffic statistics: (sent/received)

    Packets: 185217 / 35501302

    Bytes: 14045229 / 4635466004

    Instant packet rate: 10 pps / 2671 pps

    Packet rate limiter (Out/In): 0 pps / 0 pps

    Average packet rates(1min/5min/15min/EWMA):

    Packet statistics:

      Tx: Unicast 7590, Multicast 177627

          Broadcast 0

      Rx: Unicast 35254431, Multicast 243336

          Broadcast 3535

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