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Why power supply is gone after using 36 hours new cisco 2811 routers?

Dear All Expert,

In my work , there has some spare cisco 2811 routers. One spare router which are not power on, configured as operational active router, which is gone when i checked with power on, so i checked which is fault, and found that power supply problem. I  remove pw supply and check with meter , nothing shown in meter, so it's gone.

So replace with new cisco 2811 routers.

Now i have to upgrade IOS ( 12.4 ( 8 ) to 12.4(19 ) ) to fix voice problem.

So i install 4FXS card , 1 serial card on new cisco 2811 router, and upgrade IOS, configure as operational active router and send to our company site.

For HQ, i upgrade & configure on present used cisco 2811 router.

Then we test with new IOS upgraded routers replaced and check conditions, VoIP is also ok, network is normal work.

After 36 hours, the new router from company site is gone, they check , power supply problem found.

So within 2 weeks, 2 routers's power supply are gone, Current operation routers are stable, but when we used new routers , they got power supply problem.

So I want to know how to prevent power supply damage problem and if any idea to recover power supply, suggest  me.

PS: power supply problem routers are expired for warranty.

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Re: Why power supply is gone after using 36 hours new cisco 2811

“Thank you for your question.  This community is for Cisco Small Business products and your question is in reference to a Cisco Elite/Classic product.  Please post your question in the Cisco NetPro forums located here:;jsessionid=E0EEC3D9CB4E5165ED16933737822748.SJ3A?page=Network_Infrastructure_discussion

This forum has subject matter experts on Cisco Elite/Classic products that may be able to answer your question.”


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