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WiFi connectivity problems across a fiber link between two SG300's

I don't know if anyone will be able to suggest a cause of the issue I'm about to describe based on the limited information I provide but I thought I'd give it a try.

I have an SG300-52P and an SG300-28P in two adjacent building connected by a 1Gb fiber link.  Until an upcoming upgrade to a dedicated fiber line the 52P connects to a cable modem with 50Mbps down and about 7 up.

I've got about 40 wired PCs and 8 access points (Sophos AP50's and Aerohive 230's) on the 52P and I have no problems with wired or WiFi connectivity or throughput.

I've got 10 wired PCs and another 8 access points on the 28P.  I don't have any trouble with the wired clients but I'm having all kinds of problems with WiFi:  Intermittently clients can't connect to the AP's and they often lose internet connectivity.  The only difference between the setup of the APs on the two switches is that data to and from those on the SG300-28P traverses the fiber link.  Radio signal is strong throughout both buildings.  I really can't understand why WiFi performance with the AP's on the SG300-28P would be so much inferior to those on the 52P (especially when wired clients experience no problems),

If anyone has suggestions either as to what the issue could be or regarding diagnostic or troubleshooting steps I can take I would be grateful to hear from you.



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