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Will 12.2(31)SGA support a 4507-E and SUP-II Plus?

I have a 4605 with SupII-Plus running 12.2(31)SGA and want to migrate it to a 4507-E so that I can have redundant Sups.

I plan on configuring the new 4507-E with the same vlans as the 4506 and connect the two chassis together with a trunk port. Then I will move host cables one-at-a-time from the 4506 to the 4507-E. Then I'll move the 4506 SupII into the 4507-E redundant slot.

Will 12.2(31)SGA work OK in the new 4507-E chassis? I know both Sups must have the same IOS level for redundancy.


Re: Will 12.2(31)SGA support a 4507-E and SUP-II Plus?

For 4507R-E with Sup-II? The answer is YES, 12.2(31)SGA supports it.

However, what is the exact model of your SUP-II Plus engine?

If you have not ordered it yet, you have to inform your vendor the feature set of your 12.2(31)SGA (i.e. IP BASE W/O CRYPTO, IP BASE SSH) and ask them to provide the SUP-II Plus engine that it will support.

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