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Windows server dual nics teaning on Cisco 3560 switch

Hello, I've read many posts about nic teaming on the 3560 switches but cannot find a direct hit. What is the best way to configure dual gig nics on a Windows server to get not only active/active (throughput) get the failover capability as well. Again, I was wondering about having throughput on both nics as well as the failover if one nic fails. Is it straight NIC teaming and etherchannel on the 3560 side? Or I've read a couple posts about LACP 802.3ad...or is there a newer recommended solution? Thanks in advance for any help! John

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Re: Windows server dual nics teaning on Cisco 3560 switch

Hello John,

etherchannel with LACP 802.3ad on it to monitor member links state is the choice.

We have implemented some on our server farms connecting to C4506.

I can say there was some discussion with server people they would prefer a static etherchannel but we have seen some troubles with this setup.

To be noted that LACP implies that the server is able to send the LACP frames out the member links.

We have had one single case of a Windows server that had stopped to send out LACP frames and the switch had disabled the links.

Restarting that server solved that issue.

Hope to help


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Re: Windows server dual nics teaning on Cisco 3560 switch

Hi John,

Once i cleared etherchannel configuration between 3xxx series switch and an HP labelled server , but the main idea was is there any LACP support on that server's NIC cards. You have to firstly search (with the P/N) if there is LACP support on these cards , later server can complete LACP conversations with any switch that supports LACP.


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