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WLC 4402 setup opinion

                   I just wanted to throw this one out to the community to get

an opinion or two or maybe more. I have inherited about 25 Cisco Aironet

a/b/g access points and a WLC 4402 controller. The AP's are already physically

installed. I have the WLC up and runnning as well and it is connected to a

2960 POE catalyst. I have dhcp setup on the 2960 to hand out the IPs to the

access points as soon as I patch them in. I have a separate Vlan for the WLC

and the AP's. My question has to do with getting the internet to them. I have

an ASA 5510 that I want to hand out the access to the AP's. This 5510 is my

main firewall and it controls the normal stuff a firewall does. I dont want to go

to much into it. I have thought about it and I figure I can hand out access either

of two ways.

1.) Tunnel the vlan into a subinterface I could create on the inside interface

(security level 100)

2.) The backup interface is not being used and I could use that one.

As of right now it will be only kiosk style access to the internet but eventually

I will be using it to access our private network. I guess I will do this through

another vlan off the controller.

What does the community think?



WLC 4402 setup opinion

Is the ASA doing your routing currently?

A subinterface on the ASA which is the default gateway for clients in the Vlan should work.

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