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Workaround solution for overcomming the limitation of 2 Local SPAN sessions

Hi All,

We are looking for a way to send traffic to a network traffic analysis box connected to our 7600 router port from source port belonging to a VRF. We thought of using the SPAN feature to do the same. But assuming the customer belonging to different VRF may not be guarenteed with their uniqueness of IP addresses between them and at the same time wants the same monitor box to use for all the customers, we fall into a requirement of each customer VRF port to a session and so that the monitoring box has an ability to distinguish the traffic it recived through the SPAN session .In this perspective our 7600 router has limitation on the software to support only 2 local span sessions and which limit us to 2 customer. We were looking for around 8 span sessions ,has the monitoring box has only 8 session capability.

Is there a way to send traffic seperated from each VRf to this network monitoring device connected to a port.



Anantha Subramanian Natarajan

Cisco Employee

Re: Workaround solution for overcomming the limitation of 2 Loca

There are several enhancements in Release 12.2(33)SXH to SPAN features to make it easier for network operators to monitor and troubleshoot their network environments.

Increase of Egress SPAN ports. The Catalyst 6500 now can deliver 14 Tx-only SPAN ports plus 2 Tx/Rx/Both ports, for a total of 16 SPAN ports. Customers can now monitor their traffic with TX, looking at traffic leaving the port, or RX, looking at traffic entering the port, or both.

You could also use VACL capture if that works out for you

New Member

Re: Workaround solution for overcomming the limitation of 2 Loca

Hi Krishn,

Seems VACL would be helpful in our scenario and hopefully we would be able to test that. Thank you very much


Anantha Subramanian Natarajan

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