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wrong system software for this hardware

Hey guys, I have a problem.

I loaded the incorrect IOS image via tftp and in the process erased the flash. Now when i start up I get wrong system software for this hardware and get dropped into rommon> mode.

I read an article on experts in regards to using TFTP commands to re-download the image but the hardware im on (3640 router) doesn't seem to support tftp in rommon mode. See rommon options below.

rommon 1 > ?

alias set and display aliases command

boot boot up an external process

break set/show/clear the breakpoint

confreg configuration register utility

cont continue executing a downloaded image

context display the context of a loaded image

cookie display contents of cookie PROM in hex

dev list the device table

dir list files in file system

dis disassemble instruction stream

dnld serial download a program module

frame print out a selected stack frame

help monitor builtin command help

history monitor command history

meminfo main memory information

repeat repeat a monitor command

reset system reset

set display the monitor variables

stack produce a stack trace

sync write monitor environment to NVRAM

sysret print out info from last system return

unalias unset an alias

unset unset a monitor variable

xmodem x/ymodem image download

rommon 2 >

There is also some documentation to use the boot option to load via tftp but no go.

The dnld option looks like it might be my way out but how does that work? i need to download an image via serial? do i make a serial connection with my pc? is it the 15 pin connector on the back of the hardware they are talking about or my wan serial connections?

What about loading ios via pcmcia?

Any help appreciated guys. Thanks in advance.

Mike - Stuck in rommon> mode!!


Re: wrong system software for this hardware

you can download it via consol port using hyperterminal :

just give it a command like: xmodem c3640-i-mz.120-4.T

then go to hypertermial/transfer/send file, choose the file and the protocol (xmodem).

it is a slowly way but it will function (incha allah)

rommon 7 > xmodem c3640-i-mz.120-4.T

Do not start the sending program yet...

File size Checksum File name

4064296 bytes (0x3e0428) 0x6501 c3640-i-mz.120-4.T (bad checksum: 0xaa54)

WARNING: All existing data in flash will be lost!

Invoke this application only for disaster recovery.

Do you wish to continue? y/n [n]: y

Ready to receive file c3640-i-mz.120-4.T ...

Erasing flash at 0x307c0000

program flash location 0x303e0000

Download Complete!

program load complete, entry point: 0x80008000, size: 0x3e030c

Self decompressing the image : ################################################


Community Member

Re: wrong system software for this hardware

If your 3640 has a PCMCIA card in slot0 containing a copy of the IOS you want:

rommon>boot slot0:image-name.bin

Otherwise, do XModem/YModem through the console port, as already suggested.

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