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WRVS4400N and WAP4410N repeater issue

Hello all...  Here is my issue:

I am trying to connect two WAP4410N Wireless-N Access Points to a WRVS4400N Wireless-N Gigabit Security Router.

I have the following configured on the router:


                Channel 6

                SSID configured with isolation between SSID w/o VLAN

                WPA2-Personal Mixed

                Wireless Isolation within SSID disabled

                TKIP+AES Encryption

                Connection Control disabled

                Allow wireless signal to be repeated by a repeater – Auto

I have the WAP configured as a "Wireless/Client Repeater" along with the security information entered correctly into the web configuration.  However, when I unplug the Ethernet cable, and want the WAP to work as just a repeater, I lose connectivity (continuous pings) to the WAP.  What am I doing wrong?  What do I need to do to configure the WAP to work as an independent repeater for the Wireless LAN?  Thank you for any support in this matter.

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Re: WRVS4400N and WAP4410N repeating issue

I just noticed on the wireless configuration page on the WRVS4400N, on the bottom of the WDS configuration it says the following:

The WDS feature allows WRVS4400N to connect with up to 3 wireless repeaters that can be either WRVS4400N or WAP200.

Does that mean I cannot use two WAP4410N as a repeater?  TIA

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