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WRVS4400N Configuration

Here is what I am looking to do, I need to know if there is any errors in my thinking

I  have a doctors office (Remeber HIPPA)  that is subleasing space in the  building.  So both doctors need to be on seperate networks.

I want to get a wrvs4400n and set up Port 1 for Vlan1 (doctor A) and set port 2 to vLan 2 (doctor B) using DHCP on both networks

Vlan 1 would be

Vlan 2 would be

Both doctors need VPN access so set up each machine to connect to their proper vlans

Both vlans need DHCP.

Now I would run a CAT5 cable from vlan1 to switch A for his network

and vlan2 would go to switch B for his network.

Now  both doctors want wireless access on their networks so I would have to  put SSID 1 and SSID 2 on their prospective networks, also one doctor  would possiable need a wireless range extender to reach his area, how  would this connect to the router to extend the range?

Wow  this all looks really bad I know.  OH and I need a GUI to configure this  (sorry old school guys I have not played with the CISCO stuff long  enough to know how to set all this up)

Does this sound possiable this this router?  I am pretty much trying to split this router into two.  Or would it be better to buy two and configure one as the primary and put the second router on vlan2 and then let it handle the other doctor?

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