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WS-3750-48PS-S HSRP Address Error

Hi Guys, trying to configure numerous vlans on a 3750 core (48-PS-S/12-S) and am getting the following error. Didn't get any help from Cisco's Error Message Decoder.

Error: %Platform already has maximum FHRP groups configured - virtual MAC reservation failed

I'm using software: (C3750-IPSERVICESK9-M), Version 12.2(46)SE

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.


Re: WS-3750-48PS-S HSRP Address Error

How many different hsrp groups do you have defined ? Each model has a limit of how many different hsrp groups can be defined . Also you do not have to have a different hsrp group number for each hsrp instance .

Community Member

Re: WS-3750-48PS-S HSRP Address Error

About 48 Vlans, each has an hsrp address, this is being used as a redundant core. At least I was hoping to.

I find it hard to believe this is the limit, this day in age?

Re: WS-3750-48PS-S HSRP Address Error

Regardless of the HSRP group numbers used the 3750 has a platform limitation of 32 HSRP instances (same for 3560). I hit this a while ago and I thought it was a backwards step as the 3550 it replaces didn't have the same limitation.

I would however question why you are using a 3750 as a 'Core' and have 48 VLANs you want to terminate the Layer-3 SVI's on? It might be worth explaining your topology as there could be other options. Layer-3 to the edge is something that is now quite common and removes the need for terminating lots of SVI's on distribution (or small/collapsed core?) switches.



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