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WS-C2960S-STACK not working

Hi everyone!

I'm trying to check wheather a WS-C2960S-STACK module is working, but I can't connect the two 2960 switches yet.

Is there anyway I can find out if the stack module is properly working without actually connecting the switches with the stacking cable?

Once I perform the "show inventory raw" command, the only stack-related lines display:

DF-SED0-TE0-SWE-01#show inventory raw

NAME: "C29xx Stacking", DESCR: "Catalyst C29xx Switch Stack"

PID:                   , VID:      , SN:

As you may see, there's no PID, VID or SN information!!!! I think this is quite strange.

I also tried the "show switch stack-ports", and the output is:

DF-SED0-TE0-SWE-01#show switch stack-ports

  Switch #    Port 1       Port 2

  --------    ------       ------

    1          Down         Down

Surprisingly, both of the commands above show the same output when performed in other switches here which don't even have the stack module. So I have no evidence that the WS-C2960S-STACK module is working.

Can anyone help me out, please?

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WS-C2960S-STACK not working

Hello Leonardo.

For hardware troubleshooting you can use the command:

" Show diagnostic post "

" Show diagnostic switch "


Wilson B

Community Member

WS-C2960S-STACK not working

Hi Leonardo,

I have seen this before and can confirm it is normal not to see any PID or Serial numbers with show commands.  I agree its pretty odd that show inventory doesnt show this information and hope Cisco changes this with future software or hardware revisions. 

I believe the only way to troubleshoot the module working or not might be to loop it back to itself.  This should make the ports show UP UP but you should only do this in a test environment as i cannot comment what effect this will have on production traffic.  I know this works fine with 3750 switches to test the stack ports and suggest the same here. 

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