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ws-c3560cpd-8pt-s diagnostic probs

Hi All

We have 2 of the above that are failing diagnostics tests. We have sent them to a local "repairer" and this is their answer:

From what we can tell the issue here appears to be the software and not the hardware. The switches appear to be fine but until cisco recognise the issue and provide a bug fix these units will appear to fail a loopback test. Sadly we have no choice but to return them as unrepairable.

I would be grateful if anyone can help. I will gladly supply more info if required


Bob Newbie

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ws-c3560cpd-8pt-s diagnostic probs

Hi Bob,

The IOS detects for any hardware failures during boot up of the switch. They generally detect for anamolly on the hardware level. If they are failing then they need to be a hardware issue but you can still refer and open up a TAC case to check if the IOS is running any bugs regarding the same or not.

You can refer the below link for different kinds of tests and their features:


Rahul K. Rao

Cisco Employee

ws-c3560cpd-8pt-s diagnostic probs


Loopback test is internal diagnostic test that send a packet to the port, expecting it to be looped back to confirm the port is healthy. What the repair company is suggesting is that the ports are healthy and the tests are reporting the failure incorrectly due to SW bug. Thus you need to check for known SW defects in your current IOS release or try the latest release from CCO and see if the switch works fine with it.

Please share the outputs of the following commands:

show version

show diagnostic content

show diagnostic status

show diagnostic result detail

Kind Regards,

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