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WS-C4506 supervisor upgrade

   I need some steps on how to upgrade my supervisor engine on my C4506 switch.

Currently:  sh ver

Mod Port Model              Serial #              Versions

--- ---- ------------------ -------------------- ---------------------------------

1   2    WS-X4013           JAE070209LK          Hw : 5.1

                                                 Gsp: 8.4(11.0)

                                                 Nmp: 8.4(11)GLX

2   48   WS-X4248-RJ45V     JAE1132TBOZ          Hw : 3.4

3   48   WS-X4148-RJ        JAE06520648          Hw : 3.1

6   48   WS-X4448-GB-RJ45   JAB07030698          Hw : 1.1

I purchased a WS-X4515 Supervisor Engine IV that I want to use now.   The current X4013 is running CatOS.

The other line cards are supported on the X4515.


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WS-C4506 supervisor upgrade

You'll need to think about a significant "down" time.  Upgrading from CatOS to IOS is NOT a walk-in-the-park.  Think of it as a walk-in-a-DMZ and everyone is shooting at you. 

You can try and use the Cisco CatOS to Cisco IOS config conversion tool.

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WS-C4506 supervisor upgrade

So I have to migrate to IOS on the existing supervisor X4013 before replacing it with the X4515?

WS-C4506 supervisor upgrade

You do not. What Leo is referring to is that your new Supervisor will run IOS. You can't dump your current CATOS config into an IOS switch. It will not automatically convert for you. You have to use the tool or do it by hand.

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WS-C4506 supervisor upgrade

Excuse the stupid questions.

So the config not only is on the supervisor module (x4013) it is being stored on each line card as well?

So what are the steps?

1. replace the 4013 with the 4515

2. configure 4515 with a local IP address (so I can manage it)

3. run the cofig. conversion tool

WS-C4506 supervisor upgrade

The conversion tool is an application that runs on your PC. You paste your current CATOS config in and it migrates it to an IOS based configuration.

1. Download, install and use the conversion tool to migrate your CATOS config to IOS config

2. Install your new 4515 Supervisor

3. Connect to the switch (console/telnet/ssh) and paste the IOS config into the running config of your new Supervisor

Does this make sense?

Leo- Not trying to hijack your post! Points for the tool link.

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WS-C4506 supervisor upgrade

Yes, that makes sense.

In order to download the tool, looks like you have to have a current service contract.   We do not and it looks like an 8x5 service contract runs $1700!   Anyplace else I can get a copy of this tool?

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