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WS−X6548−GE−TX Etherchannel restrictions

I read on the "Release Notes for Cisco IOS Release  12.2SXF and Rebuilds"  and saw if using IOS version 12.2(17b)SXA and later provides support for more than 1Gbps of traffic per Etherchannel on the WS-X6548-GE-TX and WS-X6548V-GE-TX switching modules.

Does anybody know what would be the new limit? And how many ports I can use from the same WS-X6548-GE-TX module? Is there a document  recommending the port combination for the etherchannel on the same module?


Nilton Nakada


WS−X6548−GE−TX Etherchannel restrictions

I don't remember if it was these modules or not but you used to be constrained by the ASIC on some of the line cards. You could only get aggregate 1Gb. I think it was the 6148s but I don't remember for sure.

If the notes say it's more than 1, then it should be 8Gb. That's the typical max for etherchannel.

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WS−X6548−GE−TX Etherchannel restrictions

the 6548 uses shared buffers, in groups of 8. As long as your EC members are in different groups of 8 you should be ok.

For example, if you have a 4 member EC, then you could use ports 8,9,17, and 25, as they'd be on different asics.

I haven't actually tried this, but I do remember in the past that if you use 4 ports in the same group then it will bark a message about not getting increased throughput. - chris

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