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XP preventing TFTP transfers?

I'm trying to move some Cisco IOS images around my lab routers, using my ThinkPad R50 as the tftp server, and am getting a lot of "Permission denied" messages.

I had tremendous success copying FROM the routers' Flash into the R50; using XP's built-in tftp service. But trying to move images FROM the R50 TO the routers is so far not on.

I'm doing copy tftp flash from the IOS command line (which means I want to copy FROM a tftp server INTO the local router's Flash memory); and at first I got plain ol' timeouts. I tried it with the XP service first; turned off all firewalls (it's a lab network with no Internet) and had no luck. Then I installed 3Com's 3CDaemon TFTP server and made sure the appropriate directories were configured. Now I keep getting Permission denied error messages on the routers.

I don't know much about XP. Is this a file permission issue? Does my whole system forbid TFTP gets? Something else I need to check/configure?


It's XP Version 2002 SP 3 v.5755

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Re: XP preventing TFTP transfers?

3CDaemon does not seem to have any permission problems and you probably will not see any from the XP side.

To test this I took all but read rights from from all users/groups on the tftp folder and still successfully copied files fine.

Just to verify - Are you a priv 15 user on the router (router> vs router# type thing)?

In other words is the permission trouble on the router rather than the XP device?

Re: XP preventing TFTP transfers?

Yes I have privileged router access. As I said, the router is attempting the TFTP transfer (the copy tftp flash command isn't even available in user mode) and gets a "permission denied" message; as opposed to a "can't open file" message.

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Re: XP preventing TFTP transfers?

Ok. On the XP machine ensure that you have a group called "Users (pcname\Users)" group with at least read access on the folder you set up for tftp access in the 3CDaemon configure tftp server settings.

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Re: XP preventing TFTP transfers?

And most importantly look at the logs on the 3CDaemon tftp server.

If there is a permission problem it is very likely you will see a "could not open requested file for reading" error in the log.

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Re: XP preventing TFTP transfers?

Try TFTP32 as another alternative. No need to install just click to run the application.

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