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ZBF on 3925 with service module

hello everyone,

I got a question regarding Zone Based Firewall and service module on a 3925 router. In fact, i want to acquire à 3925 router with the Security plus license to implement ZBF and filter inter-vlan traffic and especially inside-->outside traffic. The 3925 will be added a Service Module SM-ES3G-16-P to implement routed port (physical) and SVI (Switched Virtual Circuit).

In fact each VLAN will be connected to an SVI according to this figure :


My question are pretty simple :

  • Is it possible to created ZBF rules and specified the SVIs attached to the service module (ZBF won't apply only on the 3 integrated interfaces of the 3925) ?
  • I also want to know if it is possible to implement WCCP on SVI located in the inside area ?
  • Would SVI on the outside handle NAT/PAT ?
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ZBF on 3925 with service module

A cisco sale representative ( chat) told me that ZBF and EtherSwitch service module are compatible but I might say i really doubt on that as the service module runs on a different IOS than the hosting router.

Has anyone an done such a design ?

I also saw that EHWIC module are available and compatible with SVI but restricted to a maximum of 15 SVI per module. Can anyone confirm that ?

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