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Cisco MARS update 6.1.6(3511)


Recently Cisco released a new update for its MARS product - 6.1.6(3511). I tried to update my mars with the version, but it failed:

[Error][check_dependency/547]: minimal allowed version( > current version(

[pnadmin]$ version
6.1.5 (3508) 41

Yes, my MARS had been successfully updated to 6.1.5(3508). And I coudn't find anything new related to version 6.1.5(3508)42 on the cisco's site. What should I do now? Where can I get version 6.1.5(3508)42 to update to 6.1.6? What should I do to perform successful update to 6.1.6?

With hope to resolve the issue.


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Re: Cisco MARS update 6.1.6(3511)

Did you ever get this figured out?  I am having the exact same issue after using the 6.1.5 recovery ISO.

1> recovery

2> restore config

3> attempt to upgrade to 6.1.6 - version dependency issue requiring

4> check current version -

5> download latest 6.1.5 upgrade file & upload to appliance via FTP

6> attempt to upgrade to 6.1.5 - file doesn't show as an option on the upgrade screen.

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Re: Cisco MARS update 6.1.6(3511)

OK, after a mildly frustrating (but understandable) conversation with TAC where I was essentially told that even though we have a support contract, their support options are limited due to the appliance being EOL. My options were to re-image and reconfigure the appliance, or do an OS restore (which doesnt erase the config) and hope that the upgrade will be allowed after that. I wasn't a huge fan of either option so...

In short; download the latest .zip from Cisco downloads (which is "x.42"), host it on a local FTP server and then use the 'pnupgrade' command via CLI to push the upgrade. After doing this I was able to do the 6.1.6, 6.1.7 and 6.1.8 upgrades as well, which I opted to do via CLI since the GUI doesn't really give you adequate updates.

I posted my solution here; FIX: Cisco MARS Upgrade from Recovery

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