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CS-MARS-55, Version 6.0.5 'hanging'


We've got a CS-MARS 55 appliance. I've got it running the latest version (6.0.5). It is currently collecting stuff from some ASAs, FWSMs, and various other stuff on the network.

When using the GUI, it'll often hang. Doesn't matter what I'm doing - often just clicking into the admin menus will produce it. It'll sit doing seemingly nothing, and won't ever come back. Going back to the main page sometimes makes it spark into life. Other times it'll still hang for a bit longer. The hanging can go on for five or ten minutes in some cases. Watching sysstatus in the ssh console doesn't show it doing much of anything, so I'm a little perplexed as to what it's up to. It strikes me as Tomcat being wierd.

Is this just a 'feature' of these appliances, or is there something wrong? Where's good to look to try and diagnose this?

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